starter bird

  1. birbsRcool

    My opinion on the term "starter bird"

    :21::angel-smiThis is my opinion and not trying to sound rude! :angel-smi So you want a bird. You've done research and a bird is right for you. But you don't know exactly WHAT bird you want to get. You know you want a catalina macaw, but everyone says "oh nooo get a budgie or cockatiel those...
  2. Puck

    Ten Reasons Why a Quaker is the Perfect "Starter Bird"

    Disclaimer: This is NOT me saying that there aren't tons of other birds that make fantastic starter birds--these are simply the reasons I feel a Quaker is an awesome choice, particularly compared to a 'tiel and a budgie (the two other birds I have personal experience with). I have had...