stress bars

  1. Nadieb1930

    Stress Bars?

    Hey everyone! I just got a new conure about two weeks ago and noticed some dark stripes on her wings. I was just wondering if these are stress bars or just from roughhousing in her cage? She does like to move around in her cage a lot and sometimes she puts her back against the side (even though...
  2. M

    Black Capped Conure Bronzing or Stress Bars

    Hello! I am new to Parrot Forums. Happy to be a part of the community! I currently have a sweet little Black Capped Conure named Honeydew who is around 6 months old. For a little context she has seemed to start her first molt and is very itchy so she's constantly scratching herself, she is...
  3. KrisandPenelope

    Can a stressful vet visit cause stress bars ?

    I have an 8 month old CBC who recently went to the vet for a check up after a broken blood feather incident. Needless to say the poor thing got herself so stressed during a routine exam that she vomitted once we got back inside the car and 2 more times after coming home. She is in the process of...