1. Melscamp

    Restricting light

    I adopted 5 budgies, 3 males and 2 females. They are all super horney. I have them in my family room. I get up around 7 and go to sleep around 10. From reading, this is to much light for them. The alternate is moving them in my bedroom which has no natural light. It's so nice to see them waking...
  2. satocho

    Golden Conure Beak Color

    Hi everyone My 18-month old golden conure Samba has undergone a change in beak color since he was a baby and I'm wondering if I should be concerned. I'ver attached two photos. When he came to me his beak was entirely pinkish-horn colored, but in the last several months it has darkened...
  3. S

    macaws and ultraviolet light

    so i got Lola's wings clipped at the weekend! still feel badly about it to be honest and whats even worse is she should of had them done while in boarding as i was away and they hadn't... i had to see (or should i say hear as i looked away) it being done :| but although a bit moody initially it...
  4. I

    Flight suits vs harnesses

    Hi all, I've been looking into getting either a flight suit or a harness for morgan so that I can take him outside to get some sunlight now that the weather here in Chicago is getting nicer. His wings are not clipped so I'm very paranoid that he might get spooked and fly away. The aviator...