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  1. A

    Medicine Giving

    Hey everyone so my green cheek Lilo just had surgery and we have to give her medicine but im having trouble on giving the medicine to her as she doesnt open her mouth, i tried putting the little syringe on the side of her mouth to see if she'll open it and nothing. What we are doing right now is...
  2. A

    My 5 weeks old Alexandrine parrot swolloed plastic tube.

    My 5 weeks old Alexandrine parrot swollowed plastic tube. I have 2 alex baby parrots. I am hand feeding them. About an hour ago, when they were taking their food, one of them suddenly swollowed the tube that is attached to the syringe. The tube is about 2 cm long. I tried searching tube around...
  3. WannaBeAParrot

    Please Help -- Need Syringe Advice for Adult Bird

    Pritti's long-term oral meds are NOT going well. He just finished the injectable med, now is on 5 oral meds that need to be given via syringe. All they gave me is the regular syringe like the photo. So I towel him, hold his beak open, and a second person has to squirt it in. It tastes and...