terrified bird

  1. Quetki

    My Bird Is Afraid.

    Hello, I got a Conure about a week ago and since today he's been a bit jumpy with me and my hand. He loves to preen me but runs away when I try to make him step up. He's barely even stepping up when I am using treats. He was doing fine the other day, but now he's got a fear of my hand. Who...
  2. Dkat333

    Frankie my New Alexandrine

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading through all the pages etc. But still am concerned about the progress we've (not) made. :confused: I got an Alexandrine 4 weeks ago, was 16ish weeks old when we got him. He seemed super calm and comfortable when we met him. Once him he was terrified we gave him...
  3. J

    Terrified conure

    Hi guys I have a new conure and I made the mistake of buying one that was maybe mistreated. When I showed up at the breeders home to pick my conure they were packed 6 tight into maybe a 2 foot by 2 foot cage. And she transported them by throwing a towel on them and shoving them into a cage. My...