1. Frog & Chickpea

    Too short-looking toes on GCC - odd nail growth

    Hello bird people! Ever since we got our GCC home, we've been noticing her being a bit clumsy on her feet. Upon a closer look, we've noticed that her primary digits, the shortest toe of her back toes on each of her feet, seem a bit off. They look a little too short, and the nails on these...
  2. shellmel777

    Nail Trim Advice-New Parents of a Pair of 25 yo Zons

    We adopted Rodney (YNA) and BeBe (BFA) in September. They are 25 years old. We are their 3rd family. Their first owners passed about 18 months ago and went to live with one of the family's daughters (a move that took them from Pennsylvania to New Mexico). The daughter, a friend of ours...
  3. J

    Princess Parrot is an annoying biter!

    Hello all, My name is Rosey and I have a beautiful little Princess parrot named Jack. He's about 4 months old but he WILL NOT STOP BITING ME or my partner. We have tried everything, but no matter what we do, we can't stop him. I feed him, I give him treats when he's not biting and I give him...