1. Choufie

    Is the beak a safe zone for scritches?

    My video of Fifi getting scritches: I have a rescue quaker parrot, Fifi, who only lets me pet/give her scritches on the top of her beak. Her beak was injured and is currently growing back, so I’m sure it’s an extra sensitive area to touch— especially considering how sensitive the upper beak...
  2. B

    Eclectus petting question

    Hi everyone I have a question about petting my male eclectus. He is 5 months and counting and seems to really like me. He always steps up and wants to just hang out no problem. But when I’m holding him and I go to pet him with my other hand he squawks and either jumps off or tries to bite. I...
  3. P

    Parakeet help? (Biting & Touching)

    Hi bird lovers!(: I'm new here, and I have a parakeet named Kiko. At night and in the evening, he sits on the perch closest to the outside of the cage. Thus meaning that I can easily pet him through the cage. I've never actually pet him before, because whenever I stick my finger in there, he...
  4. macawtornado

    How do you transition into a new phase of clicker training?

    My sister and I have been clicker training our Miligold Macaw to perch near us outside of his cage for the past couple of weeks. When we first got him he was very nervous/scared. He has shown a lot of improvement. He is nearly always out of his cage now, tries to get our attention, shows us that...