tree stand

  1. V

    Need recommendation for playstand/play gym

    hi there, i'm looking for a large floor playstand for my SI eclectus. I have read soft woods like bottle brush are good. Can someone recommend a playstand? I'm unlikely to make it myself, realistically. I have also heard grapevine and dragon wood are good so any wood suggestions to look for...
  2. H

    Floor to ceiling playground

    I made this playground about a year ago. Piece of timber for the upright bit, cut to the height of my ceiling so it's just wedged there. Then got a load of different sized dowel and cut perches, these are screwed in. Eye hooks positioned to hang toys and treats, and then a long piece of rope...
  3. Violet_Diva

    Tree Stand Toys - Photo Share Ideas

    I wanted to share some pics of Bella enjoying her tree stand. It's wrapped in sisal in some areas to enhance grip. It has a boing, seagrass mat, coconut rope toy, swing perch, plastic ring chain and a little shopping basket with small foot toys inside. I'm hoping to improve her current...