1. K

    My 4 month old parrot is acting different

    Hello, I’m new to this forum, and I have Asperger’s Syndrome, so I apologise if I describe anything badly. I found a breeder in London, England and purchased a baby African Grey from him at 3 months old. We agreed she should leave his residence when he feels she’s ready. I picked her up on 24th...
  2. N

    Complete change in my GCC Rio

    Hi, I hope someone is able to help as I am very worried about my little conure Rio. He is a male, about 3 years old. He came to me just over a year ago after living with my farther and his wife since weening. Rio while living with my farther took to his wife and only his wife. He is a very...
  3. M

    Budgie not happy and i need help..

    Hello! New to this forum. A little over a month ago my son found a parakeet outside when he was swinging at his grandmothers house. This bird took to him like they were best buds. so of course we made him apart of our family. We got him a cage, toys, fresh food and water every day, gets to take...
  4. J

    Unstable, but not Critical

    Hi everyone, Welcome to my first ever post on a forum. I am not very experienced with raising birds so please excuse me if I am ignorant in some of these matters. I have broken down this post in to the backstory, the problems faced and the questions i would like to have answered. Also, a big...
  5. bostralian

    Permanently strained relationship with Amazon parrot (considering giving him away)

    Hi, I've had a Blue Front Amazon parrot for 4 years now. I got him when he was 11 months old. When I got him, he had never been touched, and was extremely wild. Even now, he NEVER lets me touch him. In the past 4 years I've had him, he's maybe let me touch him three times briefly. I feel like...