urgent please help me

  1. L

    Lovebird is sick

    My lovebird is almost a years old. She is currenltly feeling sick, she is not eating and only do drinking. She fluff up her fur and becomes so clingy to humans (which usually doesnt do). Her droppings is only white I assume that because she doesnt eats. It has been a day... please help I dont...
  2. S

    HELP cockatiel consistently freaking out

    This is my first time using this website so sorry if anything is wrong. My cockatiel, for nearly all her life, has thrown these random fits of freaking out, flailing her wings, bouncing around the cage, etc. I?ve read about night frights but I?m truly concerned that something else might be...
  3. G

    VERY aggressive sun conure !URGENT!

    I have a 4 year old male sun conure that used to share a cage with a female cockatiel (suspected 5-6 years old). The conure was very sweet (except to my dad, brother and any male visitors) until about 2 months ago when my cockatiel escaped. We got her back after 3 hours when we tried coaxing her...
  4. Tiel

    URGENT help needed

    Dear Parrot community, I'm currently caught up in a terrible and desperate situation: My regular avian vet (lives in Switzerland) has been infected with Covid19, therefore his entire praxis is currently completely unavailable. The next vet that is not even an avian vet, but rather someone that's...