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  1. Frostella

    How do you know when to bring your bird to the vet?

    I have brought my bird to a vet for a general wellness check a few weeks ago and figured out that she didn't really know birds well. I won't go back there. A few hours away is a vet that says they treat exotics and birds specifically so that looks more promising. Mostly I'm wondering how do you...
  2. Blu20813

    Avian Vet In MD/PA/VA??????

    Can anyone recommend a great avian vet in Maryland, Philadelphia/West Chester or Virginia?:orange:
  3. L

    New members are we!

    I am so happy to find this forum! Am hoping for a list of avian vets in the southern CA Inland Empire Area. Any responses? Dr. Larry Nemitz was our previous vet. He's now over 2 hrs away!