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    Young Male Clear Pied Cockatiel Wanted

    Hello! I have been searching for a newly weaned clear pied male cockatiel for months now and have yet to find any. Every breeder I have contacted has either not replied or has told me they do not have any tiels at all available. I have never seen a clear pied for sale but I really love them and...
  2. R

    Red Bellied Parrot - NC

    Hi, I'm looking for a red bellied parrot (preferably male) as a pet. Does anyone know of a breeder working with this species? Would also consider a bird that needs to be rehomed.
  3. D

    Wanted: African Grey in the NY, NJ or Conn. Areas

    Good Day: I'm in search of a 1 to 3 Yrs. of age, healthy African Grey Parrot with ring. I'm searching in the New York, Connecticut or New Jersey area. I will be personally picking him or her up. I have a traveling case and a huge new cage. I can afford up to $350.00 in total re-homing fees and...
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    Wanted Green cheek conure UK

    I am looking for a green cheek conure. I would like to rehome an unwanted bird but I don't really mind buy from breeders. I don't mind parent reared but as a first owner I would prefer a bird that is used people. On a side note if anyone has any conure size cages or toys they don't want, I...
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    Looking for Cockatoo in Ohio

    Hi everyone! I'm having a REAL hard time finding a cockatoo (in OHIO) that needs a new home. I'm not looking to buy from a breeder, and I've had no luck with reaching any rescues in my area. Anyone know of any Cockatoo's that are looking for a new home? Let me know! :) THANKS!!
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    Moluccan Cockatoo for Sale in Florida

    Male, Max is 6 yrs old with papers. Loves to eat dinner with the family and cuddle every night. He's friendly with everyone. I cannot give Max away, as he is a very special bird. 1200.00 is the price we are asking. He would need a new cage, as his is getting really old. Email [email protected]...