weight loss

  1. C

    Double Yellow Amazon - Will not eating hardly any chop cause weight loss?

    Rico, our double yellow we got in January has always been a SUPER picky eater. When we got him they said he would eat fruits and veggies but we found that to not be true. He picks at it and will only eat apples and grapes which is not good and we have found out can cause him to lose weight due...
  2. jpresto

    New 4 month old baby question

    I have been a bird mom for quite a while (parakeets) but we just brought home a four month old cockatiel. He's been here for three days, and I am trying to just let him settle into his new surroundings and not bother him too much, only putting my hand in the cage to change water and add food...
  3. A

    Nanday is losing weight

    I need some help. I have a nanday I'm caring for and something is wrong. He was really skinny, so we fed him baby food 4-6 times a day, gave him millet, fruits and veggies and plain cheerios. He gained a lot of weight and then in the span of 3 days he lost 11 grams. Has anyone had this happen...
  4. Y

    what does bloodwork show??

    Hi everyone! my sun conure…has lost around 8% of his body weight in about 3 months. he is 100g now. he is still eating the same & behaving the same. but to be on the safe side, we are going to bring him to a vet to get checked and blood work done. but i'm curious about what a blood test could...
  5. B

    Is this normal for a new Eclectus?

    Hi everyone. I apologize in advance for the wall of text. I'm new to the forum, and a relatively new parrot owner. I got a 10-month old male Eclectus a little over 2 weeks ago and I'm pretty concerned about him for two reasons. I was hoping someone could give me some advice or personal...
  6. jls

    Cockatiel weight loss

    My Cockatiel is not eating seeds because he is an old bird (29 years old), my avian vet said the seeds are to hard for him to eat. I have tried cracking the seeds but he really doesnt eat them. Today he dropped 2 gm, he is now at 85.5gm ... :-( His avian vet said try cinnamon oatmeal, he didnt...