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    Strange pink appearing on mature age white face weiro

    Hi everyone Trying to help my partners mother find out about what's going on with her bird, He's older than 2 years, and suddenly the end of his tail, around his beak, and his head feathers are turning a pinky colour - his head feathers are also no longer standing tall and proud they are...
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    weiro/cockatiel questions

    We've been having "weiro sessions" in the bathroom when I have a bath. I take Tony and Eddie (formerly Doris) in there with me and let them just "hang out" with me. They are not good at flying, Tony is better, but Eddie seems really hopeless at it, I wonder what they got to do before I adopted...
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    So, are my weiros boys?

    In another thread, I've discovered that Doris is probably a boy. Here are my birds, Tony is the one with the cheeks and Doris is the grey one. Are they boys? If Doris is a boy, I think I will rename him. Any suggestions?