white fronted amazon

  1. White Amazon chilling

    White Amazon chilling

    latest picture of my handsome fella
  2. texsize

    White fronted amazon

    I went by the pet shop today and they had a White fronted amazon being kept for boarding. No information on him/her as far as age or gender (or even a name), You don't see these guys every day so I thought I would share the short video I made. HE would bite my finger fairly hard and...
  3. P

    Which Parrot is best?

    Hi all, I have my eye on either of the following: male ecclectus, hanz macaw, Jardines Parrot or white fronted Amazon. My children are 3 and 6 so needs a family parrot. I am home all day so it will get a lot of attention and out of cage time. Which do you recommend? I want a parrot that is...
  4. Sweet Pea Flying

    Sweet Pea Flying

    I snapped a photo of Sweet Pea flying towards me and removed the background with Photoshop, leaving the shadow
  5. A

    Help with new White fronted Amazon

    Hi everyone, so I got this new White Fronted Amazon from a local breeder according to him he is less than a year. The bird looked fine on the shop but since I brought him home, he looks scared. will normally sit all the time at corner of the cage and breath heavily when we try to come near him...
  6. S

    Anyone else have white fronted amazons?

    I was just wondering if anyone on here has a white fronted amazon. I currently have one male, and am caring for another (she might as well be mine though lol).