1. O

    Round Worms found in droppings

    So we just got our Quaker (Blue) a new cage and were just about to attempt the transfer process today but my partner noticed this in one of Blues recent droppings. It's a round worm and roughly 3cm long. Looked this up and the life cycle of roundworms is roughly 6-8 weeks from egg to adult. As...
  2. Mayden

    RIP Annabelle 19/07/2011-11/05/2013

    Annabelle (Annie) Gisicki-Goacher was born around the 19th July 2011. We brought her home around 8 weeks after that. She was a little "blue/grey" dutch bun. We got her from Pets At Home in Leigh (UK). Andrew wanted the black and white dutch bun at first, but I was besotted with this little girl...