yellow collared macaw

  1. Fridaysmacaw

    Beautiful 8 month Yellow Collared Macaw Ether

    This is Ether our new young Yellow Collared Macaw. She is molting a bit right now but I am blown away with how beautiful she is.
  2. Fridaysmacaw

    New parrot owner, 8 month shy yellow collared macaw

    I grew up around parrots and birds (doves that I raced and chickens), my partner and I just got a 8 month old yellow collared macaw a week ago. she is very shy. she is a big talker and is great in the cage. she has not left the cage on her own. I have taken her out and she will stay on our...
  3. R

    Yellow Collar Macaw

    so I am interested in getting a YCM this fall I have a Green Cheek Conure I have owned a white bellied caique , quakers, African greys, and sun conures. but have always wanted a Macaw so what is your opinion on them any personality traits ? talking ability? intelligence? I also have noticed...
  4. ann

    Tell me about your Rosies/Galahs!!!

    OK, so I had my heart absolutely set on getting a yellow collared macaw as my next bird. I even had the opportunity to play with a bunch of babies and I loved them! However, the more I think about it, the more I need a family bird that would be less prone to becoming a one person bird. A YCM has...
  5. ann

    Yellow Collared Macaw Info?

    Hi everyone, there's a chance that for my birthday, I will get permission to get another parrot. Its not final, but we'll see. Until then, I'm figuring out what bird I would like. I already have a nanday conure, black jack, who doesn't have a mean bone in his body (but he can be a real brat...
  6. ann

    Help picking a new parrot (maybe)

    Hi guys, recently I was offered a newly weaned sun conure with a twisted foot (he's was born that way, but other than that he is completely healthy). At the store, they usually go for 500, but I can have him for 200 because of his foot. I would love another parrot and a sun conure could get...
  7. LoveMauiGus

    Is my yellow collared's beak too long?

    This is my beloved Yellow Collared Macaw, Gus. This is the most recent photo I have of him, and I'm wondering if his beak is getting too long. I'm not sure what length is appropriate. Here is what I currently have available to him to chew on in his cage and during out time: wooden sticks...