yellow headed amazon

  1. tassanil

    Hello - I need some advice for "Willy" the 59-Year-Old Yellow-Headed Amazon

    Hello everyone, Willy and I are new here. I just adopted him yesterday, and I believe he is a Yellow-Headed Amazon. At approximately 59 years old, Willy has had quite a journey. His former owners (who had him for 51 years) couldn't care for him after the husband passed away in 2017, and just...
  2. A

    Plz verify that yellow headed 🤔

    Hello guys, I'm totally new to this world and I am really interested in Amazons. I found this one for sale for a very low price and Its fingers are lost. I don't actually know if it really an amazon? So if you could help me plz to identify is it yellow headed amazon as the buyer says? And...
  3. A

    Bird won't stop screaming

    Hi everyone:greenyellow:! I am a yellow headed amazon owner (bird is about 30 years old). The bird came to us about 5 years ago, unexpectedly. A man entered our store with a bird in the cage, expressing how he was going to have his bird put down. As an animal lover, I instantly said I will take...