1 year Old Alex making mating pose


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May 19, 2015
Hello everyone,

I have an alexandrine almost 1 year old which i raised since it was around 3 months may be. i have few questions if someone can help me with these.

1- my parrot makes female mating pose when stroke/pet on the back sometimes, does this mean its a female? isn't this too early for these bird to show such behavior? other than that its size and head shape is also of a smaller bird which makes me believe it might be a female...

2- it also does the head pumping dance, i am not sure if its done by both sexes or males? so from behavior can i determine anything about the sex?

3- it has been aggressive to other species of birds, but if its a female i would want to get a male to complete the pair. if i keep them close to each other (not in the same cage for now) will things settle down? i am not sure if it would be all cool with another alexandrine, may be the aggression is only to other species. anyone know any beta?

Please help me with this as this is my first experience with raising a baby bird and especially with alexandrines.

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