2 female budgies and one male?


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Jun 27, 2020
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Hello so long story short would it be okay to keep 2 female budgies and 1 male together? So I have had 4 budgies for about 1 year and I had two budgies in one cage and two budgies in another but awhile ago one of the budgies passed away (about 5 months so the companion budgie has quarantined) and so I’ve had one very lonely female budgie and I feel so bad. She constantly calls to the other budgies. The male and female budgie I have right now get along fine and the male and the other lonely female used to live together with several other budgies and they got on good. So the only ones I’m really worried for are the 2 females. They will be in quite a large cage though. I think that they’ll be fine but wanted to know what you guys thought :)


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Jan 2, 2018
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I would *definitely* not do that myself. Female budgies are territorial and will fight over the attentions of the boy, and various other things. adding a female to an established male female pair is asking for trouble. could you try to play with the singleton more? or maybe try getting a young friend for her? Budgies *usually* get along very well together, but when they decide to go after each other it can get nasty. I had one bird break the leg of another one once! I have never had it happen in my flock before but occasionally budgies will kill each other.

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