2 new baby parrots


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Apr 5, 2015
Hello all

My 4 year old son was quite keen on a parrot so my cousin got him 2 fledglings for Easter (pictures to follow)

I've been reading through the past threads which are very informative but I have heaps of questions I was hoping you could help answer

- I've been feeding them the baby parrot mix and they seem to have grown so much in just a few days. I've introduced banana and mango too and they enjoy that more than the baby mix and actually wait for it. Hope they are getting all nutrients with this diet

- one is very noisy but the other is very quite. Hope that's normal

- how can I tell if they are warm enough?

- any way I can keep them tame and prevent them from getting wild as they grow up? In the past I've always found that single birds tend to be bond better with their handler than multiple birds where they would form bonds among themselves

sorry about all the questions.... thanks for any help :rainbow1:

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