4 month old cockatiel making kisses noise?


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Nov 16, 2020
Normal grey cockatiel
Hi! My 4 month old cockatiel is making kisses noises and she’s been singing a lot lately ever since she passed the 3 month old mark she haven’t stopped singing in the morning and night! so now i’m a bit hesitant that she... might be a he... what do you guys think?! she’s already mocking my kiss noises and singing different tones. it warms my heart! i bought her from a breeder and he said she’s a female but i’m not sure now... is singing and kissing at such a young age may indicate she’s a male?? 😅:yellow1:
If your bird is singing rather than just chirping, I'd say you probably have a male! When you mention kissing noises, that sounds more like a sun conure. I have two males and they do that ALL the time. Do you happen to have a conure near your tiel where he can hear it and pick up on that sound? Keep in mind also that IF your tiel is a male, it's at a ripe age to learn singing , talking, and different sounds it hears.

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