A bird of routine!


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May 8, 2017
Green cheek conure - Sydney (Syd) Hatched 2/2017
Syd has a repurposed dog water bowl to bathe in. Not my choice you understand but the one item he took to when we were discussing personal hygiene in his youth. ;)

He will often dunk himself on command once I put the bowl in his cage but today he was reluctant. Now it's hot so I thought he would leap at the chance. Suddenly after lunch I heard a splash and sure enough there he was almost under water. Then I noticed something and that is that he always enters the water from the same side. He crosses over to the far side of the bowl through the water gets out, turns around and then side steps all the way around the front of the bowl until he arrives at the original starting point.

Why doesn't he go back through the water from the other side? Does anyone else's feather pet do the same, or is Syd simply more of an odd ball than I thought? :green2:


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Mar 28, 2019
New England
Sunny the Sun Conure (sept '18, gotcha 3/'19). Mr Jefferson Budgie & Mrs Calliope Budgie (albino) (nov'18 & jan'19). Summer 2021 Baby Budgies: Riker (Green); Patchouli, Keye, & Tiny (blue greywings).
Sounds like a typical bird. My Sunny has a few preferred step-up spots within her cage and, even when she wants to come out, if offered to step-up few inches from correct spot, she will often navigate a circuit All the Way Around the inside of her cage, to get to that "Preferred" spot.

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