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FiFee Fiona

Feb 19, 2022
Green cheek Conure
My last post was Birdie recovering from an accident.
It took a while... he was so quiet. Not talking .. no screaming ... only sitting having cuddles. Very nice and totally out of character. No biting either 🀞
Well he has recovered a lot. He's back to screaming ... talking to me. But ... let's hope this doesn't put an iggy on it ... less biting.
He still cuddles up into my neck.
But I'm starting to worry he's very dependent on me.
I mean of course he is ... but ... he has to be with me constantly.
He's stopped playing with his toys ... doesn't want to sit on his perch near the window.
Is really jumpy ... like scared of things easily.
Also attacking certain things. The remote of course ... but now pen's.. books .. my phone ... wants to yank the glasses off my face. And tries to bite my face to get the glasses off.
He also is chewing on my ears .. my cheeks ... my eyes and nose if I'm not quick enough. And I think he's trying to be sweet. But it hurts .... also I don't want him totally only able to be on me all the time. And not be happy in his cage or playing.
Right now he's on my shoulder telling me to stop it ... don't do it ... wanna scratch ...wanna kiss... step up ... time for bed 😁
Every time he bites me he says stop it. So he has an idea of what's going on.
I want him to be a bit more independent.
But I'm home and this is why he isn't.
I have been having better success with covering him.
But the minute I turn on the tap .. use cutlery .. open the screen door. He's screaming ... covered or not. Because he knows I'm going out the door.
Mostly he just needs to be in the middle of everything I do.
And its not possible all the time.
What do you do with your clingy loud birds?

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