A Spicy Little Bird Bread


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Aug 17, 2009
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Sorry if this recepie was already given. The local exotic bird store guy gave me this... and my amazon is loving it.

Take a box of Jiffy Corn Bread.

Instead of adding Milk (birds are lactoseintollerant, milk just makes sloppy poopoo) add water.

Add an extra egg or two ontop of what the recepie calls for. (this helps make sure it is solid after taking out the milk)

Add 1/2 cup of a frozen veggie mix(corn, greenbeens, carrots, peas)

Chop up a jalepeno or two and throw it in. He said that birds dont have Mucus membranes in their mouthes like we do, so they dont really feel spicyness. He also said that birds only have like 200 tastebuds (humans have 10,000+) so they dont taste much of what they eat anyways... But jalepenos have such a strong flavor that birds can reallly taste it, and they love it.

Bake like you would a normal corn bread, chop into cubes, and give your birdie a small cube. I froze the other cubes and microwave them a birdie bread treat everyday.

I made 3 loafs for about 6 bucks, and i have tooonnnss of bird bread, and left over veggies.

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