Adding a new addition to my flock.


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Jul 16, 2017

I am debating adding another macaw to my flock, I currently have a blue and gold and 2 green cheek conures.

One thing that has been really bothering me is bio security. I have been looking at rehomes and baby birds from breeders. I'm extremely concerned with the possibility of bringing in incurable diseases to my flock. I understand the whole process of quarantining and testing however something I haven't found an answer to is - What if my newcomer does test positive for a disease likely to be fatal to my flock? where do I stand? Am I able to return the bird?

In the past I haven't been so cautious however I am older and more aware of the risks now. So far I have been lucky.

I'm in the UK so looking for peoples experiences and knowledge from the UK as I assume there will be the same regulations etc.

Thank you!


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