Adopted older parrot. Biting issues.


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Jul 11, 2021
I have one Conure that I got when he was young. He went through a bit of a biting phase when he went through his adolescent stage but is great now. Loves to be handled and very sweet.
About 6 months ago I adopted an older Conure (9 years). His owner was moving and couldn?t take him with her. He also loves attention, doesn?t show possessive traits with his cage or food, but seems to have a real hate-on for fingers. He will put his head in your hands to be pet and then turns on you and attacks your fingers. To the point of drawing blood. He doesn?t really show signs of normal fear, doesn?t hide, likes to be on your shoulder, etc. But if you try to approach with fingers, look out! We have worked on building trust and spend lots of time with him, but the behaviour is not improving.
Any suggestions?


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Mar 28, 2019
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I would think some combination of bite-pressure training and target training could possibly be helpful.

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