Adopting A 2nd Green CC Is good idea?


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Mar 16, 2022
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Hello! I currently have one green cheek conure (Finnegan). He's 8 years old and I've had him since he was a baby. He's a sassy cutie with a big personality but loves his cuddles and scritches and gets upset when someone isn't with him... This is why I've been considering another gcc.. BUT I'm terrified of two things.
1) The new greenie and him will hate each other and won't get over it.
2) My current GCC will just want to be with the new bird and completely shrug me off.
Finnegan is a bit of an emotional support bird for me, and I love him like a son. I would take a bullet for him/totally go John Wick if anything were to happen to him... I want to make sure that he's the happiest he could be, which is why I thought maybe a brother would be a good idea... but both scenarios would break my heart.
Am I just being over paranoid? Will two green cheeks just bond but we can still get to know and love the new greenie but still keep Finn's cuddly and cute personality??
Any experiance you've had and are will to share would be VERY helpful.. We started to look at sanctuaries for another gcc but now I'm scared haha!


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Aug 2, 2018
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Welcome ! Glad you joined @ hope you will keep visiting us and find lots to enjoy here.

to start with, best advice is only get a second parrot if you yourself want and will enjoy a second parrot. And are prepared for all the scenarios you listed. And have the patience and time to work through adjustment. Have room for a second cage, because it can take time as in year/ years for to share if ever . And quarantine is a good idea.

I had a green cheek for about 10 years by herself. Tgen I saw Ta-dah another green cheek ( both ended up being girls by DNA test) so I brought her home. After quarantine, she and my original became instant best friend's. But I was prepared if this did not happen. They became a bonded pair, but didn't effect how they were with me. Others have had different outcomes.

I've added several burds , and gone slow and taken the time to make them a flock. While all don't especially care or interact with each other, than can be out of the cage together and behave. This is greatly helped as all are fully flighted, and have numerous perches spread out to retreat to. And numerous snack and water dishes. All are caged individually.

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If you and your birby are happy with the status quo… then no need to change things up! My GCC loves his flock, and he loves me too! We have plenty of snuggles, but I also enjoy him interacting with the others. Don’t even need to watch tv…I have wild kingdom in my house! If you do decide to get another, I would recommend getting the same gender to avoid a mated pair bond.. and of course babies!

Everyone is so different…I truly enjoy having a flock. My brother and sister-in-law have a GCC and will never have any other pets or birbs. Their GCC is absolutely doted upon, and as they don’t have kids, is their baby!

That said, although Norrie, my GCC, bonded well with the sun conures..he wanted to take the head off my brother’s GCC. Did not get along. Not even a little bit. There are no guarantees of 2 birds getting along. If that is the case, you would need to be prepared to divide attention for each individually.

Not an easy decision!


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Nov 6, 2013
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First, welcome to the forum!
Since you have had Finnegan for his entire life, it is quite possible that he may view another bird as an intruder and become jealous when you are paying attention to the new bird. As mentioned above, sometimes birds will become friends and sometimes they won't even want to be around each other.

You and Finnegan seem to be happy, so unless you want another GCC for yourself, perhaps it is better to leave things as they are. I do understand the pull though, I have thought of taking in another conure so my GCC would have a buddy again. But I think that would just mean that one day, I will have another grieving conure who doesn't understand where his buddy has gone.

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