African Grey not eating


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Nov 17, 2020

So my african grey is about 20, I m not sure if they are male or female but I was told likely male by a vet though he hasn't been sexed. He's been VERY hormonal lately and today he's been eating very little. He's been through this before and by time I was able to get him into a vet he was back to normal and the vet said everything was normal it also seemed to coincide with being hormonal the last tije last time this happened. My question is can hormones cause an African Grey to eat less? I couldn't find anything definitive online.

I would be very grateful for any information someone can give me.

Thank you so much!


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Aug 2, 2018
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like you I would be very concerned.
I always consult with a veterinarian when any symptoms like this. As burds hide being sick , any symptoms can be serious.

You can order DNA sex test online, I like knowing for behavior or possibilities of eggs.

Do you weigh your bird regularly? This helps pick up issues.

Best to check in with avian veterinarian


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I agree with everything mentioned above. It’s best to seek medical attention at this point and request for a blood sample to be done or any other diagnostics that can rule out possible health ailments, which birds do hide very well being that they are prey animals. Keep us updated!


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Nov 22, 2015
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perfectly adequate electronic kitchen scale can be had for 20-30 bucks on Amazon, some even come with a suction cup base T-perch. Well worth the investment.


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Jun 25, 2019
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perfectly adequate electronic kitchen scale can be had for 20-30 bucks on Amazon, some even come with a suction cup base T-perch. Well worth the investment.
Actually I picked up this kit while it was on sale, Kirby doesn’t like it bc it’s a little short, but your Grey might be fine with it (Kirby WILL stand on it, I just also have another gram scale/perch combo he prefers).

It’s showing as 27.97 for the scale and stand right now, I would not buy it at what Chewy thinks is “full price” as it seems like highway robbery to me, but you can grab one at a reasonable price at the moment!

I got this one as a back up & to confirm his usual scale is accurate because I’m a bit paranoid, but I think it’s a perfectly adequate scale & the perch is sturdy. It sits a bit over the sides so you dont’t have to worry about it sliding around.

As a more personal anecdote, and not to scare you, our cockatiel started acting weird and though we knew keeping track of his weight is important, I didn’t think to weigh him as I was very busy and frazzled. Unfortunately he passed away, and all posthumous indications are that he wasn’t eating enough. I sincerely hope it’s nothing but it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

I hope your birdie starts feeling better and acting more like himself soon! I love greys.

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