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Jun 16, 2019
Hi, I have an african grey that I adopted last year. The owner did not know where the african grey was bred. However, there was a leg band reading 7HH96V. The owner said that he was 18 or 8yrs old. I just need help decoding the band; 7HH96V. Any ideas where it was bred and how old it is?
What state did you get him in and what color is the leg-band?
I am not sure that they always mean that much, but more details could possibly help.
So what did your Avian Professional guess regarding your African's age. The differences between 8 and 18 can be determined by general appearance as one will have a general younger appearance of the claws and face that an 18 year old will not.

'If' 96 was a year, that would place your parrot even older.

As questioned above, more information would be helpful.
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Hi, thank you for helping. The band is a red -colored band with only the middle part colored. Meaning that it is like a ring of color on the band. What confuses me is the 7 that starts. I got the african grey from Manitoba, Canada

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