Aggressive female green cheek


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Sep 5, 2021
Green cheeked conures
Hi hope you guys are well.
I really need help with my female GC we have here for 5 years now .we had her with our peach fronted for about a year then 1 day she started atacking him really badly they both ended up hurt so we seperated them . We then got a male GC for her partner but she kept fighting with him to during the day at night they were perfectly fine but a day ago she started getting terribly aggressive with him as well even at night she literally pins him to the ground they both are so violent we have completely seperated them and even when we gradually try to get them together again she pounces .
She has always been fiersty as only a year ago she become fully comfortable with me my husband or kids can never take her or touch her still.
Why is she like this we have always had conures but never experienced this behaviour and not sure what to do .
Please help
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