Sep 23, 2022
Canada, Alberta
Violet Green Cheeked Conure
I have a crippled lovebird and it hates hands. It only takes treats from hands and even then will try to bite you sometimes. Does anyone know how I can tame it? I also have a Conure and am too scared to see if it'll bite it. They were chatting but when I got him closer to the cage he started biting on the cage. I wanna be to the point where it isn't aggressive/scared to my hands and I am able to grab it and make it step up on my flat hand. I will only be having it for a month but I don't want it to sit in its cage for a whole month. I'm still new to pet bird owning and my Conure was really easy. He's a very straightforward smart fella. This Lovebird is a bit more difficult and I am not sure where to start. I just want it to be a little nicer before I introduce the two birds, my Conure is dying to go to the lovebird's cage already.
(I've tried to lay my hand flat with seeds, he was alert calling but I got him to stand on it but dropped him by accident because he started biting hard on my fingers. he wasn't even eating the seed. It's a very wild bird. I'm not sure what else I can do.. take it out and just try to tame it? No idea.)

(it's gone now, my grandma took it earlier than suspected.)
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Birds cannot be tamed like that, we (people) gain their trust.
How can you get a bird to trust you? With patience. Too much patience.
If the bird is not yours, you are a stranger. So, try with slow steps.

Also, each bird is different. One bird may like something another bird may dislike. Consider this applies to things, activities, people and other feathered or non feathered beings. So, two birds may chat, but that does not mean they get along. And if they get along during some hours, this does not mean they want to share the same cage.

I hope this helps if you have the same situation someday.

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