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Jun 1, 2022
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So my Senegal parrot(Percy)is two years old and I have had Him since march 2022 he would bite his last owner every now and then but was fine stepping up onto any one’s hand the first day I met him my hole family held him and I even gave him a head scratch… fast forward after his owner left he was not willing to do anything except Ofer a bite, I worked with him and after a month we we're besties I only got bit once, but he would be aggressive to everyone else, if someone offers him a treat he will either take it then drop it to bite them, take it very aggressively(he’s only this nice with my sister who I worked with so he’s ok around her) or he will plain out bite them and not let go(he did this with my dad and now my dads terrified and Percy screams whenever he sees him) it seams to be getting worse and I’m not sure what to do as everyone is a little scared of him now! Any advice?


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Apr 25, 2020
I have a Meyers who bites me hard sometimes. I’m working on becoming better friends with him by giving him little treats throughout the day and talking nicely to him. I’m trying to watch his body language for any signs of biting and not push it with him if he seems pinchy or squirmy. That means I try to put him back in his cage if he is getting squirmy or nippy, but sometimes he doesn’t want to go back in and nips.

I was advised to put my bird on a chair back or perch and turn my back to him for a bit. I’ve also heard, and think it’s true, that if the bird bites you and you yell, they may think it’s fun. So you need to try to think about when the bird bites and avoid that situation.

I have asked for help with my Meyers, Jasper, because his body language is different and he’s quicker to bite than the South American birds I know.

Also there are lots of tips in the Amazon thread that I think could help.

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