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Dec 21, 2022
Her name is: Lumi
Species: Quaker Parrot
Type: Opaline green with yellow front and golden flecks
Born: August 2022
I would like to take my quaker parrot from Washington state to California state for a five day visit. I know that quaker parrots are illegal in California; does this include visiting QP that will not be staying in the state?
Also, I plan to fly with Alaska has anyone utilized this airline before to travel with their bird? My parrot is very quiet, adjusts and listens well.
This reads to me as if Quakers can't be brought into California at all:(

Avian Entry Requirements February 2021

Hopefully someone will be able to help with your other question, I haven't even flown with my birds.
Since flying requires a USDA health certificate, and Quakers are not allowed into California, I fear you'll need to make other arrangements - I know in some states, veterinarians will say "parakeet-other" for pet Quakers but a vet record is not a government livestock transport document.

Alaska does allow pet birds in the cabin with the same carrier requirements as other pets:

Good luck! I'm hoping to take my Quaker to Washington state later in the year but so far I'm leaning toward driving because I can't imagine he would be quiet ;)

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