Albie is mimicking me!


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Feb 9, 2020
Manchester, uk
Albie - Pineapple Green Cheek Conure - Hatch date 14 Dec 2019 - Gotcha date - 4 March 2020
I've been using "eheh" when albie preens me too firmly and it's working as he goes gentle. Only now he's using "eheh" when he does something he shouldn't like grabbing a chunk of my face (not hard at all, he just hold it) hell say "eheh" drinking my water /juice or attempting to get my coffee he says "eheh" going after my ceral he says eheh and he even practices it at night. Its halarious that he uses it when he clearly knows he's doing something he shouldn't.

He also loves my sister. She came over as I'm her second carer (she has uncontrolled, but medicated epilepsy, neuro thinks she has multiple types but they all can't be treated due different meds having major and dangerous side affects if mixed). At first every time he flew by she flinched big time. I did not force Albie on her, I let him decide if he wanted to interact with her and he did. He missed landing on me and thudded on her shoulder and she froze in fear! (last time she held him, he bit her hard so I get it) this time, he was super snuggly, cuddling up to her neck, hiding under her hair preening her and himself, he looked happy safe and Content. I told her not to touch him though because each time she lifted her hand he did go to bite so he hasn't built up that much trust yet with her. He even gave her kisses!

My sister will kill me for sharing this photo but it's too cute not to!

Albie refused to get off her though which was problematic, he kept diving under her hair and trying to bite. My sister loved that and now she is totally smitten and I think she and her boy friend will consider one in the future (her boy friend wants a bird but he currently isn't in a position to give the bird the time it's needs and the household isn't safe - smart man, my sister wasn't sure until albie's cuddles ) I don't think she believed me when I said albie is a cuddler.

I love this bird.

I think that is how I'm gonna socialise him. Whe I can finally have people over, keep him caged for a while and once every one Is settled let him out and let him interact when he feels he wants to rather than force it.


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Dec 28, 2014
Greater Orlando area, Florida
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Sweet! Be aware though! My wife’s Bongo is very mistrusting of anyone but her! He enjoys being around people. Loves long hair also! When he is on me, he will snuggle and such, but!
This is all on his terms! If I accidentally move wrong, or attempt to look at him, I get bit-hard-bleeding!
He goes to the point of getting neck scritches, rubbing on my fingers! If I even slightly move my hands, I’m dead!


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Jan 14, 2020
Mid Glamorgan,South Wales,UK
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Hatched late 2018.
Brave girl! My OH will let Connie do little tricks with a treat in his hand,but throws a wobbly if she sits on his neck to preen,screaming that she's biting,which she isnt! She's drawn blood on him twice,so hes very cautious around her.

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