Albie update..... Uh..... I've lost count hahah.


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Feb 9, 2020
Manchester, uk
Albie - Pineapple Green Cheek Conure - Hatch date 14 Dec 2019 - Gotcha date - 4 March 2020
So one of the joys of a flighted conure is the epic bed time chase around. Albie has decided that if we are not all going to bed together then he isn't going to bed either. I usually go to bed before hubby as I need more sleep or else I'm a horrible human being (seriously) now to gett albie to bed, hubby has to stop what ever he's doing and "come" to bed as well. If we all go, he hops into his sleep cage by himself and settles on his new boingy and starts his sleepy bed time noises. If we don't, he will fly to the curtain pole and stays there shouting for who ever hasn't come to bed!

He's now started to say good night (well, it sounds that way to us at least) which is adorable!

Albie took a bath in my orange juice this evening. Why the orange juice and not his fresh bowl of water that I had put in his cage I will never know. Needless to say I gave him a proper bath.

I can no longer walk around safely bare foot. Why didn't any one tell me a parrot bite to the toes is worse than stubbing one? I didn't realise he went down to the floor in the kitchen. The silence should have warned me. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to laugh or cry. The worst part? He ran, and I do mean he ran as fast as those little Dino legs could move away from me .... While Laughing at me. The little monster!

He's put 3 grams on! He used to weigh 75g, now he's 78g! He's a chunky nugget, but at least I know he's enjoying his new pellets. He doesn't feel like he's put weight on and his keel still feels nice and as it should so I'm not too worried bout the weight gain and chances are it's muscle weight with how much he zips about the place.

He's such an amazing bird.

We are going through a very nippy stage at the moment, but at least it's not like the severe bites I was getting last year. He seems very possessive of my legs. I cant place my hands on my lap with out it enraging him! He's such a crazy bird, but he's mine and I love him to bits

Edit to add : oh and I can put a jumper or hoodies or house coats on while he is still on my shoulder with out him panicking or freaking out. He just sits there like "yep this is cool" and then pokes his head out and says peek aboo


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