Albie was so polite this morning.


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Feb 9, 2020
Manchester, uk
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So last night hubby and I decided to out albie in his travel cage to sleep in out Room as we wanted a late night gaming.i didn't want to disturb his sleep by us being loud til 4am.

This morning we had slept in til nearly 10 am and he must have spent a good hour or so waiting so nicely for us to wake up. When we started to wake up he says in such a quiet voice "peekaboo" as though he wasn't sure we were awake yet. And when he realised we were indeed waking up he repeated "peekaboo" more clearly and louder followed by a kiss and "love you"

When I think my little buddy couldnt impress me any more or that I couldn't possibly love him any more , he blows it out of the water and my heart just swells with love, admaration and pride for my amazing sweet little albie.

He really was the best decision we made last year. To think he's made such a lasting impression on us in 9 months is astounding.

As some one said another thread, the relationship we have with a bird is nothing like that of a cat or a dog. It's ever so precious and unique.


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Mar 28, 2019
New England
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If I sleep in the room with my Sunny, or if I bring her into a sleep-cage into my room to sleep there, she will politely wait until I wake up before she starts yelling.

Or on days when I wake up, but don't wake up well, and I lie back down in the chair in front of her, she will wait till she see my feet moving, before she starts yelling.

I will hear her moving around quietly. Sometimes I open my eyes and can even watch her playing with her ring-a-bell while Keeping it Silent.

It is unbelievably considerate of her and I cannot figure it out -- but -- it must be the same loving birdie-intelligence as your Albie.

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