Alexandrine, indian or african ring neck?


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Sep 20, 2021
I recently got an Indian ring neck, supposedly. but she did come from a bad situation. Horribly cut wings, zero trust, bites a lot. She has gotten better, steps up now and sits on my shoulder, and takes treats from me now.

The more I research it, the more she looks like an alexandrine, gray blue, yellow eyes, narrow head, larger and longer tail, and a giant beak (just her beak is almost the size of my budgies head...), her tail is about an inch or two short of a foot. If any one has an idea on how to tell that would be great! Even on how to tell age as well. Also if anyone has any ideas on how to help build a bond with her, she does step up but wont let me pet or touch her. She does whistle, a whistle I do, at me and she does know her name, but wont talk as well.

The 1st pic shows her features but not how big or long she is. second pic is kinda fuzzy bc it was far away, when she is all comfy and fluffed up.


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