Alexandrines and cockatiels.


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Nov 10, 2021
Hi there, I used to own a pair of Alexandrite (many years ago). After a few birdless years I decided to get a couple of budgies and cockatiels for my children. Now I am thinking I would like to have an Alex again. My question is, can they live harmoniously with my budgies and cockatiels? The breeder where I have found one said yes as the Alex would be coming in as a baby. Has anyone had any experience mixing these breeds in one cage as I only have one outside aviary. I have smaller cages inside, but they will be in the cage outside together often. All of my current birds are male, if that makes a difference, and I think there may only be a female Alex available.


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Sep 21, 2021
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i wont recomend housing an alex with cockatiels and budgies the alex can easily injure or kill one of the birds you can never gerantee they will get along even if u do get it as a baby when it reached muturatiy he might change his reaction to the birds
or he might still get along
in my opnion i wont risk such things


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Aug 29, 2018
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Personally I would err very much on the side of caution and advocate separate housing for your potential Alex. There is never a guarantee that birds will get along together, whether they are the same species or not. The differential in size between the beak of a cockatiel as opposed to the much larger and more powerful beak of an Alexandrine would suggest this even more so. They may indeed get along while the Alex is a baby but this could change very rapidly once it reaches puberty, and you would need to take sexual maturity and territorial rivalry into consideration with your cockatiels too.

I've had birds of the same species that I would not dream of caging together, yet have had totally different species who were the very best of friends and lived together very happily - you just never can tell who will be compatible and who will not, and if they're not it can be disastrous. I think you would definitely need to consider making arrangements for your birds to have separate quarters, for safety's sake. :)

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