Almost 7 weeks old


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Jul 8, 2013
So Lola is doing really well. She loves to spend time with me and I have no problems with feeding her. she just hangs out with me all the time, she's really laid back! Sometimes though, she spits up her food. But not all the way, I will notice that her tongue is moving and then I see some formula in the bottom of her beak. Is this normal?
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And do they sleep a lot at this age? I just get so nervous about everything, this is the littlest/youngest thing I've ever had in my care and I just want everything to go smoothly.
They sleep a lot when they're babies as they're constantly growing at a very fast pace so they need plenty of shut eye. Have a little formula come up is normal unless they're throwing up or not digesting then you have an issue.
At that stage of hand-feeding, sometimes a little formula would remain in the bottom of his beak for me. I never viewed it as him spitting up, just being over-zealous :) Lots of awesome people here for any questions you have or just to vent :)
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Well it's not that it remains there, although some does lol but she eventually gets that down. I'm talking about when, say an hour later, we will be sitting and I'll notice she's playing with formula that came up in her beak. Is that considered spitting up? Or would you say that would be normal for a bit of formula coming up.

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