Aloe Vera for Parrots?


Mar 24, 2022
2 Indian Ringnecks
Hi gang,

I thought my ringneck Rosie had bumblefoot again but now I don’t even know what it is. She keeps biting. And shaking and tapping her feet.
Last time she had bumblefoot it was biting the back of her leg, now it’s around her toes but we are treating her accordingly. It just seems different.
Went to two different vets, same result. Continue with F10 ointment + anti-inflammatory medication. I’m continuing to use them but I didn’t feel confident that even the vets know what’s going on. Not a complaint I know birds are very complicated but I just feel very defeated.

I’ve never tried aloe Vera and I’ve read it’s very good for soothing skin and feathers. I’ve seen people giving their birds aloe Vera spray baths and such.
Those who use aloe Vera on your parrots do you have a 100% spray or use it fresh from the plant? I also read that there’s a part of the plant that can cause internal irritation if eaten but that the gel of the plant has really good properties so I’m a little cautious. I’d just appreciate any 100% aloe brands/advice.
I hope this could help my Rosie in anyway. Her feet aren’t that bad at all, a small bite mark on one toe that I’m treating, but there is clearly some irritation. Her tapping/shaking is so constant i feel bad she can’t even get a good night sleep. I can’t afford to go to the vet again in such a Small timeframe :( thank you all

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