Aria won't go back in her cage

We use treats and bribe them back into their cage. Works for all of ours:)
We use treats that they only get for going back in, so they look forward to that.
Yup, I'm with Terry. Percy knows that if he wants a pecan nut (he only gets a small piece, not a whole nut), he has to be in his cage. He's also seemed to decide that he needs to be on one particular perch before he may accept his "good boy nutty" LOL!

Here's my advice :

* use one specific treat/bribe ONLY for entering the cage. I found it helpful to also use the same phrase every time. In my case it is "Percy, go home for a nutty". It worked very well once he understood what was required.
* return Aria to the cage BEFORE she needs to be home. With Percy, I find that as soon as the sun starts setting, he turns into a party animal who will NOT (not even for his beloved nutty!) go home. Since it is winter here now, I have to be extra attentive because it gets dark early. So, we cuddle and coochicoo (give scritches, kisses, whatever) and then I have him run down my body from my shoulder to my knee (I am seated) and hold out my hand. He steps up readily from this point but the tail and wings start flaring immediately! LOL! I just keep talking calmly to him (and add an admonishment not to bite!) and pop him in the cage. Once there, I quickly grab a nutty and offer it, all the while telling him what a good boy he is. He is still a bit irritated to be returned to the cage but he accepts it.
* you will have to train Aria to realise the cage is a fun place to hang out. Make sure that her favourite toys and food items are ONLY ever available in her cage.
* watch her and if she goes into the cage by herself for whatever reason, quickly go over and praise and reward her...and DON'T close the cage. Let her see that she can go in without being locked up each time, if you can.
* I'm sure you don't do it, but for the sake of others that may read this later, I want to add : NEVER use the cage as punishment. That's a sure way to convince her that the cage is not a fun place. If Percy is "naughty" (snappy or bitey), he get told very firmly "Off!" and I lean over the backrest of one specific couch in my living room. For some reason, he doesn't do his normal "cling onto mom, never let go" thing at this point (I guess he knows mom is cross!LOL). He hops off and skulks around on the backrest, calling me (and sassing me!) until I return. After he hops off my shoulder, I immediately tell him "biting is naughty!" and walk away. I can see he feels bad so I never leave him for more than a minute before I go back, say "no biting, ok?" and offer my hand. Works like a charm and no cage needed.

Good luck!
Try target training. Luna never goes into her cage willingly without the help of her favorite treat and a target stick.

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