At what age do you get to start enjoying your parrot?


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Dec 2, 2021
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Title says it all. At what age do you have to wait till your parrot is till you can start enjoying keeping company with your parrot?
I have two 4 12/2 month old IRN's and I swear they must get together every day to figure out what they can do to annoy me.
It goes something like this....

Missy - So how can we get mum cranky today?

Gracie - I don't know? How about biting her on the face?

Missy - Nah we done that already.

Gracie - How about biting her finger?

Missy - Nah, done that but that's your thing.

Gracie - Maybe throw all the toys on the floor for her to pick up?

Missy - Come on man, we do that every day - all day and we then wait for her to sit back down before we do it all over again.

Gracie - maybe we could prune her bonsai for her?

Missy - I did that yesterday - not much left to prune now.

Gracie - Ummmm....

Missy - Oh I know, let's climb the curtains.

Gracie - But you do that already.

Missy - Yeah but you don't.

Gracie - Ooooo good one, let's both do that. Only, she's going to have to help me get down again on account I can't fly.

Missy - All the better to annoy her by, just don't step up when she first tries to help you down. Bite her first so she backs off then wait till she sits down before you make it look like you want her help again.

A day in the life.....


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Oct 27, 2016
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sorry to say it, but that's how it's always gonna be. Parrots don't really "settle with age" theyre mischievous and destructive. And they aren't domesticated so their natural habits don't always mesh well with how us humans live our day to day lives.

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