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Jul 1, 2021
I have 5 lovebirds (Fischer and masked, non breeding) in an indoor aviary currently (Dimensions : 172h 160L 120 W). They get along well and aren't territorial. I'd really love to put more lovies in the aviary, but I don't want to over crowd. I'm not sure how many birds can go in there. Could I add a few more birds? If so, how many? Or is the space already at it's limit?
I also have 3 diamond doves, 2 zebra finches, 1 budgie, and three canaries which I also bought an aviary for (same dimensions) but I am still assembling this currently. They are non breeding. Do you think that is too many in this aviary? Or they could fit but no more birds? or still room for more birds?
Thanks in advance

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