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May 17, 2010
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So Milo is out of hospital, and doing quite well at the moment, but we have at least 3 months of medication ahead and no more nuts! He has already loudly protested this fact, but that is what is needed.

So last night I have Milo on my shoulder and Charlie on my hand. Charlie puts his head down for a good head scritch, and this is where Milo decided he wants part of the action. He simply walked down my shoulder, onto my scritching hand, and started grooming Charlie! Charlie was quite shocked and had no idea of what to make of this. Me of course were as pleased as possible. [emoji3]

Those of you that has known me for a while on the forum knows that my fids are my life. Charlie still has not seemed to have really taken to me though. I live alone, so I am the sole care giver, but he does not ask for my attention or to be picked up. When I do sit with him he will get restless very quickly and want down or back to his cage. He has been with me for seven months now already. Here is the thing... my mom comes to visit once a month for a day or so, and when Charlie sees her he makes sounds like a little puppy, it looks like he almost wants to climb into her, Lol. Follows her, calls for her, etc. Now I know that they choose whom they choose, but is it not strange that he chose someone he sees once a month for a couple of hours?

He does call for me when I leave the room, but definitly does not show the same love he does with her. He mostly backs into his cage when I come to pick him up, and only lets me pick him up once he has gone to the top of his cage outside.

Do you guys think this will change over time? He is still very young, only a year and a half old, but I would like to think that he is happy here, and I am just not sure at the moment. Would he be happier with someone he responds to like he does with my mom? Or am I making the mistake of comparing an independent bird with a velcro bird like Milo?
I applaud your concern for Charlie's well being! Seven months is not a long time for a Grey. Do you observe a trend; has he become gradually more responsive to you or has the relationship plateaued?

My Grey experience is strictly with the TAG species, though I believe they are very similar to CAGs. None of the 4 have ever remotely been velcro birds, particularly the 2 hand-fed offspring. I have a hands-off relationship with the sole remaining family member; hand-feeding treats and swapping sound-bytes of conversation is as good as it gets!

Others may have tips for increasing the bond, but Greys tend toward aloofness and skittishness. Good luck!
I agree with Scott. Greys are definitely much more aloof. Our grey the last couple of years of his life chose our son. He would follow him and call for him and our son doesn't like birds, so there's no telling who they might choose.

To me it sounds like you're doing well with him.
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That is great to hear, thank you. I suppose because everythi
ng happens so slowly it is hard to tell if we are really moving forward. My concern was born out of seeing his reaction to my mom. The mistake I do not want to make is assuming that he does not want attention, pouring all the cuddles into Milo, while he sits on the sidelines watching. I will keep working with him and hopefully one day, he will come to accept that mommy loves him just as much.
They are funny creatures in how they dispense their love! Our (okay, my wife's!) CAG Reno is close to her but, for some reason, her girlfriend (with whom Reno stayed, briefly, 6 months ago) is the apple of Reno's eye. When she's over, she can do ANYTHING with him. With us he's reasonably friendly if a little aloof, but with her he's a loveable, besotted clown. Go figure!

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