Baby Budgie porblems


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Sep 15, 2014
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Baby Budgie Problems

I generally check nesting boxes twice a day.
Feb 19 morning: the egg was peeping, starting to crack.
Feb 19 evening: same
Feb 20 morning: the egg was peeping weaker, but a large portion only on one side was cracked in just a large circle
Feb 20 4 hours later: peeping stopped. Decided to go ahead and assist, punctured a small hole for air, and it peeped louder again
Feb 20 noon: decided to assist. The neck was twisted really strangely, with a small swelling behind the head. Parent has not fed, and decided to take on a few supplement feeding, returned.
This morning the baby was not fed still.
Does anyone have any idea about how often to feed a newly hatched baby budgie? :whiteblue::yellow2:

Update: the budgie was trampled by his siblings and has since passed on
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