Baby conure & baby cockatiel in one cage


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Sep 5, 2021
Cockatiel conure
I’ve recently got a cockatiel (8 weeks old now) and she lives in a cage since she started flying and today I went home with a green cheek conure (7 weeks old) & she flies but not yet too high. my question is, is it possible for them to put in one cage since they are still young?


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Aug 21, 2010
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Generally not a good idea to keep disparate sized species in same cage. Potential for injury during playing or fighting with smaller at distinct disadvantage. There are exceptions to many practices, perhaps mitigated by very young age. I'd wait for members with cockatiel and GCC experiences to share!!


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Aug 29, 2018
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Welcome silienxcdsg to you and your little ones!

I agree with Scott here. I've had a cockatiel/green cheek combo in the past and I would not have had them in the same cage. Green cheeks mature to be much more robust birds with a much bigger beak than a cockatiel and are capable of inflicting quite a bit of damage. My GCC would regularly try to nip at my cockatiel's toes when they were outside the cage, I don't like to think what he might've done if they'd been confined together for too long!

As I just advised another member, there is never a guarantee that two birds caged together will get along, whether they are the same species or not. Years ago I had a budgie and a purple crowned lorikeet who shared a big cage their entire lives, with hours and hours of free-range time of course. They were absolutely the very best of little buddies and did everything together, whereas my current budgie and lorikeet combo would be a total disaster if they were to share the same living space. Much better safe than sorry in my opinion, I would recommend you provide separate living quarters for their own safety :)

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