Bad or good poops? Recovering from heavy metal poisoning


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Jul 15, 2016
Hello, I'm new here. I have an 8 months conure, and 23 days ago he became heavy metal poisoned. I noticed it so fast, I saw him so strange, so bad at the morning and I take him to the vet an hour after.

He spent 6 large and horrible days at the vet, the first ones we though we lose him, but he became much better every day and finally he throw up the little metal piece. It happened one evening, when I was wearing a new pants and he bited some metal pieces. They were so soft he ingested some parts, I still can believe it and hurts me so much.

He came home some days ago, and now I am very worried about everything. I never have been looking so much at his poops because I didn't know how important they are, so now I don't know what is normal or isn't. I am looking on the internet for some examples and I need some help because I'm going crazy.

I have been reading that urine should be clear, but I noticed my conures poop have some color. He is eating Zupreem pellets, first the yellow ones, after green, after red.. And first poops seem to be yellower, then greener, and all seems related to the pellet colors. The fecal part is colored, but the urine seems to. Could it be normal?

Can you guys please help me to know if they are normal poops?
What a horrible thing to happen:( I'm glad your bird is recovering. It is normal for birds poop to change colors depending on diet (such as colorful dyed pellets or certain produce like berries, pomegranates, beets, cherries etc...). It is also possible for the urine to be slightly tinted by the fecal portion and not actually be discolored.

I would contact the vet personally and send some pictures of his poops to see what the vet thought.
Get your bird off of dyes. Plain and simple.

Once you do that, then you might be able to more accurate gauge what his poops *should* look like.

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