Banding Baby Conures


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Nov 5, 2019
Google can't seem to answer my simple question but due to unforeseen circumstances, I will need to band my two baby Green-cheeked Conures. They're about 40 days old and they are becoming spitting images of their mother, despite their dad being a fancy (yellow underneath with a red heart on his belly). I believe it'll be best to have the two chicks banded so we can tell the siblings apart. Here are my primary questions:

1. What is the band size for Green-cheeked Conure? I've read a couple resources that say 6mm, but one specifically said to only use 6mm for close bands on chicks 10-14 days old. A quick search on Amazon only produced 8 mm clip bands. Would those fit a conure?
2. In direct correlation with question #1 -- where's a good place to buy bands for a cheap price? I don't need anything extravagant, a color band (ex. red, green, blue) to easily and quickly identify the chicks is good enough for me.

Thank you and good day. :)


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May 16, 2022
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It seems Amazon is the go-to place for leg bands these days. There used to be a company in the states that even sold wire for DYI Aviaries, but it seems to have gone defunct :( . Wish I could be of more help in that regards!

As for the answer to number 1- If it'll fit a cockatiel, you can use it on a Green Cheek :) You **SHOULD** be okay with 8 mm clip bands.


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Nov 6, 2013
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I think you would have to use the open bands because your babies are too old for the permanent bands now.
I personally would be afraid to use open bands as they are more prone to accidents happening with your bird's leg getting caught on things.
I think that once they are a little older you will be able to tell them apart just by their behaviour. I have 2 Blue-throated conures who look identical, but act completely different so they are easy to tell apart after a couple of minutes.

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