Behavioral or personality? Please help.


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Jan 15, 2016
Redding, ca
I have a Sennie who is 13+ and has a tude beyond compare! He also can read my mind! He was a "mans" bird when we first got him...over 5 years ago. He would "hunt me down" and attack my feet if I interupted or joined them (my husband and Birdie) in whistling to/with each other!! That was when Birdie had full run of the house, and he RAN the house! He would bite me any chance he got! Not cute little love nips, but full on beak and mandable meeting in the middle of my finger, being bit in the face, having my ear being dive bombed when I am not expecting it... I have gone through the ringer with this bird. If I offered him something to eat and he didn't want it he would attack. Keep in mind, He never bit my husband.
Through the past few years I have kissed up to Birdie, preened him, bonded with him, became his "Girlfriend"... Unfortunately I do not know how to be a girlfriend to a bird, so I still get scholded (nipped, bit, attacked). Now one hand is a rival and is never safe from Birdies jealously. Bags are an arch enemy that must be anialated at all costs, especially if my hand is involved. And he seems to want to get my hand first. One of the BIG MAJOR changes that has occurred is my husband is now also feeling Birdie Wrath. He does not have the same patience level as I do. Birdie has now put himself In jeopardy of being rehomed.
Sennes can not be trusted. They can turn on you at anytime, for any reason. I love my Birdie and I am beginning tO agree with my husband that life is to short to have such a mean little turd in the house.
Can anyone give me any assistance on what I can do? Or, if it come to it, where I can find a bird person who knows and accepts this type of behavior.


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Sep 18, 2013
San Antonio, TX
Presently have six Greenwing Macaw (17 yo), Red Fronted Macaw (12 yo), Red Lored Amazon (17 y.o.), Lilac Crowned Amazon (about 43 y.o.) and a Congo African Grey (11 y.o.)
Panama Amazon (1 Y.O.)
That's pretty pronounced even for Sennie-Tude!

Given the factors that he "ran the house" and was overbonded to a man, I would say you've got a TRIPLE WHAMMY situation here... Spoiled Bird Syndrome + Overbonding Issues + Sennie-Tude = Turd-like behavior.

Sennies are another one of those birds that needs a firm hand and discipline in my opinion.

And it sounds like this one hasn't gotten over his "Spoiled Bird Syndrome" upbringing.

My answer to those kinds of bully bird behaviors is always to just stand up to the bird and put a stop to it.

If they chase don't run. Be in a position to deflect the beak. Make "the bully game" SO NOT FUN to play. When he pulls that stuff on you, give it back to him in spades.

I'm not going to kiss your little feathered butt to try and get you to stop, actually, I'm going to kick your little feathered butt until you decide to knock it off...


Same stuff I do for macaws that try to take over the house.
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